Black and white picture of baby just peeking over the top of its bed

Thoughtful New Baby Gifts from the NORSK Store

Sometimes flowers, babygros and muslins just don’t cut it, do they? If you’re looking for something extra special for a new baby and their parents, our handpicked selection of thoughtful Scandi-inspired gifts are sure to be the ultimate treat


There is nothing more special than a new baby gift that will be treasured for years to come and perhaps even handed down through the generations. Swedish heritage brand Klippan have been making beautiful lambs’ wool blankets since 1879 and their baby blankets are extra special. This Domino pink baby blanket is made from ecological wool that is free of pesticides and chemicals; while this Gotland checked baby blanket is made from the wool of a Swedish breed of sheep that has been herded since the Viking era.

Checked woollen baby blanket


Thoughtful gifts for the nursery are bound to be equally well received. Go for the decorative with our Norske Fugler print, exclusive to NORSK, which features four colourful illustrations of native birds from Southern Norway. Alternatively, go for the practical with these lovely bamboo storage baskets; because you can never have enough storage for the copious piles of extra ‘stuff’ (we’re talking nappies, wipes, washing, toys, muslins...) that comes with a new baby.


We all know that new babies and sleepless nights go hand in hand and the urge for caffeine in those early days is strong! Our handmade porcelain cups by Norwegian brand Sögne not only look stylish on the shelf, but their light-hearted slogans are sure to raise a smile with even the most tired new parent. Our ‘Pause’ espresso cup, this ‘A Cup of Survival’ mug and this ‘Super mom’ cup say it all.

Black body lotion bottle on rustic wooden shelf next to plant


Danish skincare brand Meraki is an enduring favourite here at NORSK. Their products major on clean, natural ingredients (parabens and other nasties are a no no), making them perfect for babies’ delicate skin. This organic Mini Bath soap is mild and perfume-free with extra moisturising ingredients, made especially to care for babies’ sensitive skin. While this organic, perfume-free Mini Lotion with aloe vera, shea butter, almond and jojoba oil is mild and fast absorbing, leaving baby’s skin super soft.

Why not treat new parents with a gift from Meraki’s collection, too? There’s nothing more indulgent when the baby is finally asleep (except maybe a fresh-from-the-oven NORSK cinnamon bun!) than a well-earned rest in a beautifully scented room. Meraki’s Fresh Cotton scented candle burns with a beautifully refreshing scent, while this mild and sensual Scandinavian Garden diffuser is all about relaxation.


natural white coloured cloth covered notebook and pen

New parents will agree that all that hand washing to keep germs at bay around the baby leaves your hands incredibly dry. Meraki’s organic Meadow Bliss hand soap contains aloe vera and glycerine to add moisture, as well as organic oat extract to nourish and soothe. Pair it with this Linen Dew hand lotion which contains aloe vera, avocado oil and cacao butter to moisture and soften the hands without being greasy.


Without taking time to reflect, those precious early days with a new baby can race by in a blur of dirty nappies and sleepless nights... And we all know the wellbeing benefits of journaling. Our beautiful cloth covered notebooks by House Doctor make for a special place for new parents to record their thoughts, feelings and emotions, or even jot down lists and record milestones. Choose from two sizes; an A4 journal or A5 notebook.