House Doctor Christmas tree available from NORSK

Stylish Scandi Christmas Decorations

Give your home a stylish update this festive season with NORSK’s edit of stylish Scandi-style Christmas decorations

We may be biased but nobody does Christmas decorating quite like the Scandinavians. From glowing candlelight to delicate flower wreaths, when it comes to Christmas decorations we like to keep things simple. Of course, the blanket of snow we have always helps, too.

While we can’t do much about the snow, we can help you with the decorations. We’ve been busy choosing our favourite Scandi-style Christmas decorations which you can now buy both in store and in our online shop. You won’t find any gaudy baubles or tinsel here; just our edit of stylish, simple decorations which will look beautiful in any home.

Hadn holding brass tealight holder with christmas tree design

These metal decorations by Danish brand Walther & Co – which include miniature houses, trees, angels, rocking horses and more – are a real favourite of ours. Delicately handmade and inspired by nature and Nordic traditions, they are bursting with personality and really add a touch of Christmas magic.

We love House Doctor's simple paper decorations in various star and angel shapes and in a range of muted colours. They look wonderful against the dark boughs of the Christmas tree, and you can also add different lengths of ribbon to them and hang them around the house.

brown paper folded angel on christmas tree

Speaking of Christmas trees, why just have one when you can have several? These Christmas tree ornaments from House Doctor come ready lit with fairy lights for instant Christmas impact. This minimalist unadorned one standing in a faux-moss ball looks really chic for a subtle look.

This Wild Moss Wreath by House Doctor (pictured at the top) looks just like the real thing and can be used in all manner of decorative ways; as a collar for candles, hung up on walls or mirrors, or with added decorations as a table centrepiece.

The advent candle is an important tradition in Scandinavia. Traditionally we light one candle on each of the Sundays of advent and the four candles symbolise joy, hope, longing and peace. This calendar candle from House Doctor will create a lovely cosy atmosphere in your home and build excitement as you count down to the big day! This contemporary and minimalist take on the traditional advent wreath (pictured below) also creates a chic centrepiece.


Make sure you stock up on dinner candles, of course, and these star candle holders by House Doctor are gorgeous for chunkier candles. And, talking of dinner, we have a number of elegantly understated Christmas napkins to choose from.

Discover all of this and much more in the NORSK Christmas shop. God jul!