outdoor dining area with wooden sofas and a rocky landscape

The NORSK Guide to Creating a Scandi-inspired Garden

Rooted in simplicity, functionality and a profound connection with nature, the principles of Scandinavian garden design can help you to create a reviving outdoor retreat, right here in the UK.

Embrace Minimalism

Minimalism is at the heart of Scandinavian design – both when it comes to interiors and outdoor spaces. To reflect this clean, uncluttered aesthetic in your garden, start by choosing a simple layout. Avoid overcrowding with too many plants or decorative elements. Instead, focus on creating open spaces that invite calmness and relaxation.

Go for natural materials like wood, stone and gravel to define pathways and seating areas, which blend seamlessly with the surrounding greenery. Remember, less is more. Each element should have a purpose and contribute to the overall harmony of the garden.

Choose Native and Hardy Plants

The plants in Scandinavian gardens need to be able to withstand punishingly low temperatures in Winter and high temperatures in Summer. Hydrangeas are a very popular choice in Norway and their large, vibrant blooms can add colour and elegance to your garden from Summer into Autumn. They thrive in both sun and partial shade, making them versatile and easy to maintain.

Perennials are another staple in Scandinavian gardens, offering consistent and low-maintenance beauty. Consider incorporating plants like lupins, hostas, and astilbes. Their varying heights and textures can create a dynamic, layered look in your garden beds.

Go for Fruit Trees and Bushes

Scandinavia is famous for its berries which are used in both sweet and savoury dishes and so it stands to reason that fruit trees and bushes are very popular.

Fruit trees not only produce Spring blossom, which is lovely to look at, they also provide a delicious harvest come Autumn. Apple and pear trees are traditional favourites in Scandinavian gardens as they are relatively easy to care for and can thrive in cooler climates.

Position your fruit trees where they can get plenty of sunlight and have enough space to grow. They can act as a natural focal point, and also work well as part of a larger planting scheme.

Add a Romantic Touch with Roses

Roses are a much-loved plant in Scandinavian garden and they can be seen in gardens all over the region. Climbing roses look beautiful against walls, fences and pergolas, while bush roses can create stunning, fragrant borders.

Plant your roses in well-drained soil with plenty of sunlight. Regular pruning and feeding will keep them healthy and encourage flowering. David Austin’s ‘Queen of Sweden’ is the perfect choice.

Create Cosy Seating Areas

Us Scandinavians love to spend as much time outside as possible – whatever the weather – so cosy seating is an essential component for enjoying a Scandi-inspired garden. Think about incorporating simple, yet comfortable outdoor furniture made from natural materials, such as wooden benches, wicker chairs and hammocks.

Place your seating areas strategically to make the most of the natural features of your garden; a bench under a tree, or a hammock nestled between two sturdy posts can become your perfect reading nook. Add soft, neutral-coloured cushions and our super soft lambswool Klippan blankets for a touch of hygge.

Add Water Features for Serenity

Water is a key element in Scandinavian garden design; the gentle sound of flowing water adding an instant sense of tranquillity. So consider adding a small pond or a simple water fountain to your outdoor space.

In keeping with a minimalist Scandi aesthetic, opt for water features with clean lines and natural materials; whether that’s a sleek water wall or a simple stone fountain.

Create Atmospheric Lighting

Scandinavian gardens are known for their enchanting atmosphere after sundown, thanks to the use of thoughtful lighting. Use a mix of solar-powered lamps, festoon lights, lanterns and candles to create a warm, inviting glow. We stock a wide range of lanterns and candle holders crafted from glass, bamboo and brass.

Pathway lights enhance your garden’s structure and layout, while lights with soft, warm tones maintain a cosy ambience. And nothing beats the glow from the flickering open flame of a fire pit for atmosphere.

Use Sustainable Practices

Sustainability is a core principle in Scandinavian design, with gardeners collecting rainwater for irrigation, composting kitchen scraps and choosing organic fertilisers as a matter of course. These practices not only benefit the environment but can also create a healthier, more vibrant garden.

Consider creating a small patch or a raised garden bed for growing your own vegetables. Not only will it provide fresh and delicious produce, but it will also foster a deeper connection with nature.

Creating a Scandi-inspired garden is all about embracing simplicity, functionality and embracing the natural world. Ready to transform your garden? We have a selection of planters and accessories here at NORSK to help you make a start. Come and pay us a visit in-store. Happy gardening!